What we do .



We help implement an appropriate digital marketing strategy for your organisation, that fit with your aims and objectives, and the steps involved.



We can offer training in elements of digital marketing for your own in-house team. Whether it be copywriting, content creation or effective social media marketing.



Our team would utilise effective digital marketing tools to analysis the performance of your online reach and help identify KPIs and steps for further improved growth.

SEO campaigns

You have a website and now want it to climb the search engine rankings, well this is where the ‘art’ of the professional Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company will deliver your website to Google, Yahoo and MSN in its best possible state, giving it the very best chance to rank among the current business sector leaders.

SEO is the process of improving your website and its standing and visibility on the Internet in a way that positively increases its search engine ranking for its most important search terms, resulting in an increase in the quality and quantity of website visitors to it.

The higher your site ranks in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo the more visitors you will receive to your site meaning, you are more likely to receive orders or enquiries about your services or products.

Having a website that has been created without recognising that is must rank highly with the search engines in the future is like creating a beautiful brochure, getting copies printed then leaving them in your office or house. We will ensure the brochure is tweaked and updated then we get your ‘brochure’ noticed by everyone that cares to look for it, and we may even suggest adding to the brochure!

Typically we recommend a 3, 6 or 12 month SEO campaign, we work intensively over an initial 2-3 months primarily on your site, its framework and its content but we also work off site to ensure your site is ‘visible’ in all the appropriate places. After the initial 3 months we monitor, add, tweak and adjust its content over the next 9 months ensuring your ranking continues to grow. 

This SEO package is a gift to yourself that will keep on giving back to you as the work is permanent and ensures you and your company are not left behind in the wake of other businesses.

Our standard SEO package is recommended for any Internet site that has experienced slowing signups and ⁄ or visits and we offer longer term programs whereby we take care of your SEO on your website on a long-term monthly basis, call or email for details. Find out more about our SEO projects and the work we put into every website we built.

Approximate Cost £1350 for initial 3 month project (then and optional £400 per month afterwards)

Working With You

We enjoy helping people have more success with their web ventures. Many times there are small adjustments that can be made for large impact. We can also help you with designing and implementing larger strategy changes. One of our original goals with Delicious Webdesign was to increase website traffic to as many of our client sites as possible and it worked very well. Our goal is help spread the knowledge I’ve gained and help schools and colleges grow their business.

Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to work together on a strategic plan for your business.

You need to combine SEO (website promotion) into your advertising strategy as every top 10 competitive search results now features highly efficient optimised websites, you need to ensure your site is build and maintained by a search engine optimisation expert.