Digital Video Agency for training centres and educators .

What we do

The wave of innovative technology is here and the marketing norms are changing. Div-urge is consistently adapting accordingly in a divergent way.

We are a education marketing agency helping schools, Multi Academy Trusts and education-focused businesses market themselves in the best effective way to increase their application rates. 

Why video content is so important?

Video content creation is continually becoming the best form of marketing for businesses. Consumers like it because it's easy to digest, entertaining and engaging. It appeals to the visual and auditory elements of effect communication. Marketers like it because it gives a better return on investment (ROI) through different channels.

Videos have the ability to merge two things that catch user attention: movement and sound. These play a very important role in communicating a message in the most effective, efficient way possible, encouraging better consumer engagement. 



Creativity is our DNA. Everything from content marketing to web design to social marketing is implemented through our creativity.



We engage closely with our clients to understand their vision, and to turn it into a reality.


Expert Analysis

We consistently assess and analysis as part of our 360 marketing model.

Video creation for digital marketing

Digital marketing is an essential part of a marketing plan for any organisation. But VIDEO… is a must for successful conversion!

In this digital world, it more important that prospective clients, whether they be parents, pupils, customers, they will first learn about your organisation. So having all your digital content ready is critical in order to have the largest impact and be the most effective company to gain more leads. 

Video is clearly the fastest horse in the race when it comes to conversions. 

So this is our main focus and what stands us apart from other agencies. 

Video content for social media, promo videos, animation, sales promotion, you name it… We can turn anything into a video to represent and enhance your brand!

Research and strategy development

Competitive, customer, website, content and keyword research. Scoping, planning and presentation of strategy.

Blog Post Creation

Research will inform blog topics and content relevant to your industry and target audience.

Video Content Creation

Video development, including pre-production, filming, equipment, post-production, editing, graphics, narration and music licensing

Monthly Content Distribution Execution

Social, search, display, and video

Who we are

We are passionate creatives and digital enthusiasts. Willing to collaborate and implement forward thinking strategies in the growth of businesses.

Utilising all digital resources available to increase the reputation of your business brand.

If you’re looking to improve your school’s digital presence and but not sure where to begin, visit my services pages below, or if you’d prefer, contact me directly and I’ll be happy to discuss how we can work together.